Rediscover your surroundings

Polyrun makes it easier to stay active outdoors with activity rewards & beautiful maps

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These are some of the features that are planned at launch. We have a lot more in store, so keep an eye out on GitHub and Twitter


Polyrun incentivizes your outdoor activities by rewarding you with small amounts of cryptocurrency. Hiking, running or cycling, every movement counts!

Track Your Triumphs

Keep an eye on your progress, map discovered and personal records without the overwhelming metrics

Your App, Your Way

Personalize your fitness experience and make it yours with our customizable User Interface and map themes

Activity Import

Coming from other popular fitness apps? Add your activity history from apps like Strava or RunKeeper whenever you're ready

More on the roadmap

Vote on features or suggest new ones in our project tracker

Migrating from other apps

To help you get set up quickly, Polyrun supports importing your activity from different applications.

Strava and RunKeeper offer guides on how to export your activity.

If your current app supports exporting in GPX format, chances are we support it!

We are also planning on adding support for other formats.

The rewards system explained

Rewards will be paid out in Nano, a novel cryptocurrency that we are big fans of.
To learn more about it, we encourage you to explore the official website.

Why Nano?

In a world where traditional financial systems often fall short, especially in the realm of microtransactions, cryptocurrencies have emerged as a possible solution. Among these, Nano stands out for its efficiency and suitability for digital transactions, making it an excellent choice for our platform.

Please note, our preference for Nano is based on its technical capabilities and should not be considered an investment or financial advice.


Everytime you finish your activity, you recieve a proportional amount to your performance in Nano.

We understand this is a new technology and people might be skeptical of it. Rest assured, you can still enjoy Polyrun without the rewards just the same!

Get involved with the development

Our feature & bug tracker is public , which means you can:

  • Keep an eye on new features or old bugs as they get resolved
  • Request features and vote on the ones you'd like to see added next
  • Report any bugs you might encounter by opening an issue on GitHub